Embark on a seamless Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading experience with Citizen Capital, where allocations can be traded efficiently and securely. Before proceeding with your first OTC trade, it's imperative to acquaint yourself with the following rules and guidelines that govern the OTC trading platform.

Rules of Engagement in OTC Trading:

  1. Cost of an OTC Deal The Buyer incurs a $30 charge per deal.
  2. Sellers' Obligations Sellers are paying for the gas fee to list an OTC offer.
  3. Open Offers Investors can present numerous open offers, provided they have the liquidity to support them.
  4. Offer Cancellation Sellers can withdraw offers at any point, with gas fees being the only charge.
  5. Buyers’ Purchase Cost The additional $30 fee will be visible to Buyers upon purchasing offers, which will then be approved during the purchase process as the sum of ALLOCATION PRICE + OTC $30 FEE.
  6. Transfer Restriction While an active OTC offer is present, sellers cannot transfer the allocation to different wallet.
  7. Transaction Processing Upon on-chain transaction completion, it will be mirrored in your VAULT.
  8. Trade History Past trades can be viewed by clicking the clock icon adjacent to the "Make offer" button.
  9. Blockchain Switch for Gas Fee Economy Users looking to save on gas fees can switch to another blockchain (e.g., Polygon or Binance Smart Chain) in their wallet, which will automatically create the offer on the selected blockchain.
  10. Currency Selection During offer creation, the currency of the trade can be specified by selecting from a dropdown next to the price input.
  11. Staking Not Required Remarkably, there is NO need to stake $BYTES to engage in OTC deals. The sole requirement for participating in OTC deals is a wallet containing a Citizen.
  12. Taking BUY Offers When engaging with a BUY offer, our system reserves your Allocation for 3 minutes. If your on-chain transaction is not confirmed within this duration, your offer will expire, and the allocation will revert to your account.


Crafting Your OTC Offer: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Market Selection: